7 Ways to Make a Pants Suit Look More Feminine ...


What are the ways to make a pants suit look more feminine?

You may feel more comfortable in pants than in a skirt, and it can also be more practical for your job.3

But pants suits can be a little dull and masculine.

Try these simple ways to make a pants suit look more feminine …

1. Heels


One of the simplest ways to make a pants suit look more feminine is to slip on a pair of heels.

These instantly elevate a masculine style to a more feminine level.

They don't need to be super-high;

even a two-inch heel will make a difference.

The style of the shoes will also help;

look for ones with a low-cut front or even a strap.

2. Bright Top

Bright Top

Men only get to add color with a tie, so go one better and add more color with a bright shirt or top.2

You can pick one in a single color, stripes, or patterned.

If you're wearing a shirt with a collar, place the collar outside the jacket for a really visible splash of color.

You could also wear a bright scarf for that injection of color.

3. Makeup & Earrings

Makeup & Earrings

Wearing makeup and earrings will add a very feminine touch to a masculine-looking pants suit.

You don't need to opt for both, but can if you like.

If you work in a conservative environment, keep both your earrings and your makeup restrained.

If you are wearing your suit in a more relaxed situation, be as bold as you like - it will look very striking with a pants suit.

4. Belt


You could also use a belt to make your suit more feminine.2

Belts for men are really quite plain (and boring), whereas women can get away with both colored and patterned belts.

Have fun with this useful accessory, and make it stand out as part of your outfit.

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