7 Ways to Switch up Your Wardrobe without Spending Money ...


Knowing ways to switch up your wardrobe is great for times when you are really bored of your clothes and have no extra money for shopping.

There are lots of ways to creatively spice up your closet and change your outfits around without throwing down any cash!

I love shopping, and buying new clothes is always fun, however you can’t always rely on shopping to come up with a new outfit especially if you’re on a budget or already have too many clothes.

Read on to learn ways to switch up your wardrobe!

1. Clean out Your Closet

Clean out Your Closet

One of the top ways to switch up your wardrobe is by cleaning out your closet!

Often, our closets get so full and cluttered that we don’t know what we have.

Things get pushed to the back, lost, and forgotten underneath everything else.2

Go through your closet, get rid of things you no longer need and wear, then re-organize your clothes so you can easily see what you have.

This will make putting outfits together so much easier!2

2. Try a Little Pattern Mixing

Try a Little Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing is an inspiring way to shake up your look.

Some of my favorite patterns mixed together are floral and stripes, chevron and leopard, and plaid and polka dots.

Just be sure that you use coordinating colors because mixing patterns is risky business!

Go in small doses, and use a few solid pieces in your look to break up the patterns.

3. Go Online for Inspiration

Go Online for Inspiration

Do you have a couple of very cute pieces hanging in your closet, but no clue how to style them?

Get online for inspiration!

Pinterest is my favorite website for coming up with a new look.

You may find some color or pattern combos you never might have thought to pair together!2

Borrow Clothes from a Friend
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