7 Ways to Wear Puffer Jackets Stylishly ...


Ways to wear puffer jackets stylishly can seem like a dime a dozen.

Let’s face it, while they’re ideal for wearing in the harshest of winter weather, puffer jackets aren’t always the most flattering of garments.

They’re definitely more functional than fashionable.

However, they’re not entirely a lost cause as there are many different ways to wear a puffer jacket to give them that stylish edge.

1. Basic Black

Basic Black

Black is always flattering right?

When looking at ways to wear puffer jackets, keep it simple with a basic black number, or darker colors in general.

A black puffer jacket is also versatile and will go well with a number of different outfit options.

2. Sleek Styles

Sleek Styles

Avoid resembling the Michelin Man by donning a puffer jacket that isn’t too quilted or pillow-y.

Avoid horizontal seams and opt for chevron or diagonal seams instead.

If you can get your hands on a puffer jacket in a sleek, modern cut with flat quilting then go for it!

3. Slim It down

Slim It down

Keep the rest of your outfit casually cool with a pair of skinny jeans.3

They’ll help balance out the puffiness of your jacket as well as keeping the rest of your outfit looking modern.

Rock this season’s must have ankle boot and you’ve got yourself a functional and fashionable outfit.

4. Watch the Length

Watch the Length

The most flattering puffer jackets usually hit around mid thigh.

Anything longer can swallow up your figure and anything too cropped (like bomber style jackets) can exaggerate the ‘puffy’ appearance.

Mid length puffer jackets are your best bet for working your most stylish looks.

5. Built in Belts

Built in Belts

When it comes to ways to wear puffer jackets, being able to create a flattering silhouette is always desirable.

Puffer jackets with built in belts and sashes are perfect for cinching in and showing off your waist.

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