10 Accessories That Transform an Outfit Instantly ...

You do not have to be a fashion guru to be on top of the style trends this summer. By pairing the essentials in your closet with a few well chosen accessories, you can create a look that is both individual and stylish! You can turn your ordinary outfits into extraordinary ensembles simply by pulling in simple pieces that make a big statement. Knowing what items to own and how to use them is the key to changing your style from plain to pizzazz. Here are 10 accessories that transform an outfit instantly.

1. Scarves

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Take a cue from Jessica Alba and add a few great scarves to your closet. When you throw on a scarf, you can add an extra layer of color and texture to any existing outfit. Scarves can be tied around the collar, ran through belt loops and even tied on purse straps. Scarves can be found in department stores, thrift stores and high-end retail shops.

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