7 Alternatives to a Backpack for Class ...

While backpacks are a practical method for carrying around your textbooks all day, there so many adorable backpack alternatives that can add something special to all of your outfits. The bag you carry can say a lot about your personality, so it is important that you find a bag that represents you well. The perfect alternative to a backpack must be big enough to fit all of your school needs, while still being comfortable enough to carry around all day. Here are some of my top contenders for backpack alternatives.

1. Herve Chapelier Tote

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I have had my Herve bag for almost 8 years and it might be one of my favorite backpack alternatives. It is simple, strong, sturdy, and timeless. Each bag comes in a variety of color duos to fit any girl’s taste. What makes this bag so perfect for the college girl is that you can use it for class or turn it into a weekender bag for your trips to visit friends on the weekends. You can get so much more use out of this bag than just carrying your books around. It costs around $110 but lasts a long time.

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