11 Chic Fall Fashion Trends of 2013 to Update Your Wardrobe ...

I love looking at fashion magazines every season to get inspiration on how to update my wardrobe, and this especially came in handy when I went browsing through this year’s fall fashion trends. I loved a lot of them because they were chic yet classic and timeless enough to use over and over again. Here are some of my favorite fall fashion trends from the runway this season!

1. Knit Beanies

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Knit beanies are a hot item on the runway this year, and it’s super easy to see why! A beanie is comfortable, casual and chic. It’s easy to put a beanie on to jazz up any outfit. It’s a great way to incorporate fall fashion trends this year in an affordable way. Knit beanies are nice because they can make fun/quirky statements, and they'll keep your head warm in the cooler months! What's not to love?

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