7 Cool Model Blogs That Are Oh-so-Fun to Read ...

Lately I have really been into reading model blogs. Fashion blogging is super popular these days, and who better to write in this genre than a model? What I find interesting about reading blogs by models is that I get to learn more about their lifestyle. I love reading about their quirks, thoughts and personal style. There is so much more than meets the eyes with these ladies. Check out these interesting model blogs!

1. The Frugal Model

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Ashley Stetts aka "The Frugal Model" teaches women all about money on her site thefrugalmodel.com. Her site is so encouraging and covers topics like personal finance and how to earn and save money. It's so easy to blow through money, not just in the world of fashion and entertainment, but just being a woman period. I love Ashley because she is really honest. The truth is that things aren't always as glamorous as they seem when you work in front of the camera and she writes and speaks candidly about this. Hear what Ashley has to say about the dark side of the modeling industry here - youtube.com

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