7 Cute Umbrellas That Will Make You Wish for Spring Showers ...

Not only do spring showers bring flowers, you also get to use cute umbrellas in the rainy spring season. I must admit I am not a huge fan of rain. However, having cute umbrellas makes rain storms much less dreary. I absolutely love my giant pink umbrella that has a Gerbera daisy on it. It really does make a rain storm seem much brighter when I pull it out. This spring season, why not use a cute umbrella when it rains? Your day really will perk up a bit if you have one of these umbrellas to open up during a shower.

1. Rainy Daisy Umbrella

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The Rainy Daisy Umbrella that Mod Cloth carries is just perfect for turning April showers into May flowers, and it is one of my favorite cute umbrellas. I adore the cute yellow daisies on this umbrella. I also like that the umbrella is clear, as it is a unique feature. If you want to make a fashion statement with this umbrella, you could go all out and wear a yellow rain coat with yellow rain boots. Nothing says you are prepared for a rain shower quite like yellow rain gear.

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