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9 Dos and Don'ts of Fall 2013 Fashion Trends ...

By Adriana

Fall 2013 fashion trends featured some of the hottest items we've seen in years. From new trends to old favorites recreated, there was a little something to love for everyone in fall 2013 fashion trends. Since fall is the season Fashion Week in NYC takes place, it's no wonder most of the hottest trends of the year appear in fall. And the best part about fall fashion is that most pieces can carry over for several years to come. If you're not sure if some of the pieces you loved last fall are okay for another year, then check out these do's and don'ts of 2013 fall fashion below. Though many pieces and trends hit the runway last year for the first time, some are definitely worth giving a go this coming fall as well.

1 Do Invest in Eye-Catching Outerwear

Do Invest in Eye-Catching Outerwear One of the biggest fall 2013 fashion trends was eye-catching outerwear. Outerwear has always been one of my personal favorite parts of an outfit, so why not make a bold statement? An eye-popping coat paired with a fabulous belt is a great way to add drama to any plain and simple outfit underneath. Fall 2013 was all about eye-catching outerwear, and you should feel free to enjoy it another year to come. Just remember to let the outerwear shine and keep all your other ensemble pieces simple.

2 Don’t Forget a Super-Cute Hat

Don’t Forget a Super-Cute Hat Let's not forget the power of hats for fashion trends! I've never been a huge hat fan myself, but I have to tell you, all the cute hats that appeared in fall 2013 fashion trends sure made me want to wear them anyway! Hats add just the right pop of feminine flair to an outfit, and they take a typical nice outfit to a trendy ensemble in the blink of an eye.

3 Do Embrace Classic Prints

Do Embrace Classic Prints Fall fashion was all about classic prints. We saw everything from plaid to a huge boom of houndstooth prints everywhere. Though prints are something you want to be sure hasn't gone out of style each season, you can rest your mind that they'll be back on the runways for another year to come. Most classic prints are always safe to wear, so long as you don't overdo them in one outfit, or mix and match them.

4 Don’t Put Away Your Leopard Print Just Yet

Don’t Put Away Your Leopard Print Just Yet Leopard is one of those prints that always has a place in a woman's wardrobe. Though it might not be the "it" pattern to wear this year, it's always seen here and there throughout various fashion ensembles. Thank goodness for that! Seeing as how leopard is my favorite fashion print, I can't imagine not wearing it in some form or fashion. Do keep the zebra prints put away though, since that print is a little outdated, but feel free to keep the leopard around this year. It's as hot as ever!

5 Do Pick up an Emerald Green Piece

Do Pick up an Emerald Green Piece Green had all the glory in 2013, and was known as " The color of the year" by many fashion experts. Though it might not be the queen of colors this year, it's definitely not out of style either. Feel free to keep green around this year. It's already popping up in sneak fall fashion previews in many magazines and fashion advertisements.

6 DON'T Shy Away from Layering

DON'T Shy Away from Layering Ladies, layering just never goes out of style. Some way or another, it always works its way into fashion trends. One of the biggest fall 2013 fashion trends was layering multiple pieces together and wearing them in various ways. This year, feel free to layer your clothing items however you please. Whether that be a cute little tank with a feminine cardigan and matching scarf, or perhaps a trendy blazer over a slinky tank, layering is key to making an outfit sing!

7 Do Take a Chance on Winter White

Do Take a Chance on Winter White There's always room for white somewhere in a woman's wardrobe. White is classic, timeless and innocent; something every woman wants to exude in her wardrobe at one point or another. Winter white is the perfect way to showcase the color and add some class to your outfit too. Don't listen to the "no white after Labor Day" rule. That's so outdated! Instead, just wear winter white, which is a bit more cream-colored, but still bright, charming and classy.

8 DON'T Bail on the Peplum

DON'T Bail on the Peplum Peplum was also one of the biggest 2013 fall fashion trends of the year. From tops to dresses, and even skirts, peplum was one of the top styles to wear. While it might not be the "it" style of clothing this year, it's definitely not ready to be put away yet. So, if you have a favorite peplum item you bought last year, don't bail on it just yet. It's still plenty trendy enough for at least one more go round.

9 Do Rethink Your Leather Pieces

Do Rethink Your Leather Pieces Leather is one of those items we need to be careful with. Though you're probably safe with bomber jackets, and other leather outerwear, don't pull out the leather pants again. They're pretty much over and done with. Stick to leather outerwear and some leather shoes, but for the rest of your attire, be sure you go with a different material. Leather tops are a little scary anyway, don't you think?

Sure, fall 2013 fashion trends are part of last year, but there's no reason to dismiss all those great pieces you bought just yet either. What fall 2013 fashion trend inspired you the most? Will you keep it around another year to come?

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