7 "Girly" Things Guys Actually Look Hot While Wearing ...

Women are pretty much free to wear whatever they want, but men are discouraged from wearing makeup, skirts, and even certain colors. It's a bit ridiculous when you think about it, considering the fact that men look so darn sexy in some traditionally feminine things. They deserve to wear whatever they want, which is why we should try to stop the stigma we grew up believing. Here are a few "girly" things guys actually lot hot while wearing:

1. Eyeliner

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Men should feel free to wear make-up as often as women do. They can skip the lipstick and eye shadow if they really want to, but there's no harm in covering up blemishes with concealer. Plus, why would we want to stop them from wearing eyeliner that makes their peepers pop? No man looks better than when his eyes are outlined.

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