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47 Hilarious T-Shirt Sayings You Will Laugh out Loud at ...

By Eliza

There are so many t-shirt sayings adorning chests everywhere. They range from funny to downright raunchy. My husband is a t-shirt sayings collector, though he has toned down his tastes since we had kids and realized they would start asking what the sayings meant. Whether you love the G-rated version or the X-rated version, these shirts are sure to make you laugh!

1 Oh Hell No

Oh Hell NoVia Oh Hell No T-Shirt Southern ...
This is one of those t-shirt sayings that could be taken a couple of ways, but that's what makes it fun.


I'm NOT SAYING I'm WONDER WOMANVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
I'm pretty sure every mother on the planet needs this t-shirt.

3 Mom Shirt

Mom ShirtVia Funny T Shirt, Mom Shirt ...
No one will doubt that you have kids when you wear this shirt out into the world.

4 Unisex T-Shirt

Unisex T-ShirtVia Offensive Shirt Mens Tee Guys ...
This shirt would be funny on a man or a woman.

5 I Understood That Reference

I Understood That ReferenceVia I Understood that Reference by ...
If you're a fan of the Avengers, you'll know just what this shirt means.

6 I like to Party

I like to PartyVia 28 T-Shirts For When You ...
I think we all feel this way at some point or another.

7 Funny Way to Say Netflix

Funny Way to Say NetflixVia Ellie
For all the single ladies who are proud of their status comes this cute t-shirt.

8 Say Tortillas

Say TortillasVia Items similar to Say Tortillas ...
Anyone will laugh if you say this instead of "cheese" during a photo session.

9 So Depressing

So DepressingVia My Fitness Goal Funny Novelty ...
This shirt has a funny sort of motivation behind it that just might work for some people.

10 I'm Not Saying I'm BATMAN

I'm Not Saying I'm BATMANVia
Dads could wear this t-shirt and their kids would be delighted.

11 The Hobbit

The HobbitVia The Hobbit Lord of the ...
If you love the Hobbit and are vertically challenged, this is the shirt for you.

12 If You Can't Say Anything Nice

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
A little snarky, but still funny at the same time.

13 Sigma Alpha Iota

Sigma Alpha IotaVia ΣΑΙ: fundraising, recruitment, philanthropies, and ...
If you belong to a sorority, this t-shirt is a fun addition to your wardrobe.

14 Drink All Day

Drink All DayVia
This shirt would be fun to wear on St. Patrick's Day!

15 Gotta Love Sheldon

Gotta Love SheldonVia Custom T-Shirts, Unique Gifts, Posters, ...
Watchers of The Big Bang Theory will get the reference on this shirt.

16 Late Again

Late AgainVia Funny T-Shirt Saying
There's a funny kind of truth to this, don't you think?


Not very nice, that's for sure, but sort of funny too since it isn't directed at a specific person.

18 I'm Sorry

I'm SorryVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
If you suffer from "the hangries" you'll love this shirt.

19 I Can Handle This

I Can Handle ThisVia
Girl power right here! Also, a cute reference to Disney's Hercules movie.

20 Buns in the Oven

Buns in the OvenVia Buns in the Oven T-Shirt ...
This is an absolutely hilarious maternity shirt! Would you wear it?

21 I Run

I RunVia Slower Than A Turtle | ...
This shirt is for the budding runner in all of us.

22 I Have

I HaveVia Humorous & Funny T Shirts, ...
You could customize this to say anything - "I have triplets," perhaps?

23 Maternity

MaternityVia Items similar to Maternity NAVY ...
This is a super cute maternity shirt saying.

24 I Shitzu Not

I Shitzu NotVia
A fun riff on a common saying that is perfect for anyone!

25 You're Wrong

You're WrongVia NO YOU'RE WRONG TEE T ...
It might not be true all the time, but it sure is funny!

26 I May Be Wrong

I May Be WrongVia Ladies Funny tshirt I May ...
You probably aren't wrong, which makes this the shirt for you.

27 I'm Mexican

I'm MexicanVia "I'm Mexican I Can't Keep ...
Again, you could customize this with any nationality or even your occupation to make it fit your life.

28 Keep Talking

Keep TalkingVia Keep Talking | Fitted T-shirt ...
Psychiatrists will get a huge kick out of this hilarious t-shirt.

29 Hunger Games

Hunger GamesVia I Recommend Vodka | V-Neck ...
Hunger Games followers unite - wear this great t-shirt to show your allegiance.


ADORKABLE -Via Items similar to ADORKABLE - ...
This shirt speaks for itself - it's funny and cute at the same time.

31 Baby Onesie

Baby OnesieVia Relax My aunt's a ...
As long as they are clean, I think it's funny to buy onesies like this one.

32 Inside out

Inside outVia
When you pull the shirt up, there is a picture inside. Hilarious! My kids would love these!

33 Hidden Curse Word

Hidden Curse WordVia Book Geek Nerd School Librarian ...
There's no mistaking what this shirt says, but the happy little letters take the sting out of it a bit.

34 Workout Wear

Workout WearVia
I snuck this one in even though it isn't classically funny - but it does have a good message.

35 Book Lover

Book LoverVia The Book Was Better ...
If you ask me, the book usually is better than the movie. What side are you on?

36 Sarcastic Sports

Sarcastic SportsVia Hooray Sports | T-Shirts, Tank ...
Support a sports lover in your life without having to wear team attire.

37 Pleasing Everyone is Impossible

Pleasing Everyone is ImpossibleVia Pleasing Everyone Is Impossible - ...
It's funny because it's totally true!

38 Baseball

BaseballVia Softball Slogans for Your Team ...
If you love baseball, you'll laugh at this play on words.

39 Meatetarian

MeatetarianVia Meatetarian t-shirt Meat Lovers shirt ...
Announce your meat eating lifestyle with this funny shirt.

40 Ocd

OcdVia Quotes
If you're particular, you'll be able to identify with this shirt's saying.

41 Booze

BoozeVia I'm Here for the Boos-Unisex ...
Another funny play on words that makes this t-shirt silly, but not raunchy.

42 Game of Thrones

Game of ThronesVia Slutty Pirate Costume t shirt ...
There are tons of Games of Thrones fans out there, so don't be surprised if you see all your friends wearing this one too.

43 It Happened Again

It Happened AgainVia It Happened Again | T-Shirts, ...
Pretty funny, don't you think?

44 Keep Calm

Keep CalmVia Keep Calm.....Essential Oil T-shirt ....Say ...
If you practice aromatherapy, it would be even better while wearing this t-shirt.

45 More Aromatherapy

More AromatherapyVia Under The Influence of Oils.....Essential ...
Or this one for that matter.

46 I Run Better than the Government

I Run Better than the GovernmentVia I run better than the ...
It might be true in a lot cases.

47 Humerus Humor

Humerus HumorVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
A little bone humor for everyone to enjoy.

Do you wear t-shirts with sayings like these? Did you see one on this list that you simply must have?

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