How to 🤔 Shop 🛍 Your Own Closet 🚪 ...

If you're looking to refresh your wardrobe and don't have money to spend on new clothes, I'm going to let you in on how to shop your own closet.

You have probably heard of "dumpster diving" for coupons. Why not consider "closet diving"? You will save so much money and even build your self-esteem. Possibly, you may even help out a charity. Are you ready? Let's get started on how to shop your own closet.

We have a ton of clothing eras in our closets. Classics are always worth keeping.

Invite a stylish friend or relative over to give an objective viewpoint. Have a little (and free!) fashion consultation!

Grab your accessories also. Mix and match when coordinating the outfits. Just imagine the variety!

Search your clothing items online to find different inspiration.

Make more room in your closet for maximum visibility. You cannot wear what you cannot see! Sort through and give gently used unwanted clothing to charity.

Decide what image you want. Wealthy? Creative? Modest? Cute?

Accentuate your assets. Downplay your worst.

Write down or take photos of the finished products. Do this in case you get overwhelmed again.

The average woman spends $3,400 on clothes a year. Yet, we claim we have nothing to wear. Make yourself a little boutique and be happy you didn't max out a credit card or empty your wallet. Strike a pose!


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