Karlie Kloss's Cutest Outfits so Far from Her YouTube Channel ...

If you haven’t heard just yet, Karlie Kloss recently launched her own YouTube channel. On it, she posts vlogs and different videos that you’d see your average YouTuber doing on a regular basis. However, Karlie’s life is a little different than your average YouTuber. She’s a supermodel, which means that most of her videos feature amazing outfits from the biggest designers. If you’re just as obsessed with her YouTube style as I am, this list is sure to impress you!

1. Her Red Dress for Glamour

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Karlie said that this dress reminded her of “the dancing emoji” and I think we can all agree that she is definitely giving that emoji a run for its money! This red Gucci dress is absolutely stunning, especially on her, and is definitely worthy of the Glamour cover, which is why she was wearing it!

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