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Karlie Klosss Cutest Outfits so Far from Her YouTube Channel ...

By Teresa

If you haven’t heard just yet, Karlie Kloss recently launched her own YouTube channel. On it, she posts vlogs and different videos that you’d see your average YouTuber doing on a regular basis. However, Karlie’s life is a little different than your average YouTuber. She’s a supermodel, which means that most of her videos feature amazing outfits from the biggest designers. If you’re just as obsessed with her YouTube style as I am, this list is sure to impress you!

Table of contents:

  1. Her red dress for glamour
  2. Her glamorous colorful dress
  3. Her “jumping in the pool” look
  4. Her birthday look
  5. Her abstract jumpsuit
  6. Her casual q&a outfit
  7. Her gown from the british fashion awards

1 Her Red Dress for Glamour

Karlie said that this dress reminded her of “the dancing emoji” and I think we can all agree that she is definitely giving that emoji a run for its money! This red Gucci dress is absolutely stunning, especially on her, and is definitely worthy of the Glamour cover, which is why she was wearing it!

2 Her Glamorous Colorful Dress

Although all of her outfits and looks at this shoot were absolutely stunning, few really blew me away like this one did. She’s already breathtakingly tall, and when she wore vertical stripes, her height was only exaggerated more! Plus, anyone who embraces that much color in a single outfit is someone after my own heart!

3 Her “Jumping in the Pool” Look

This dress is so gorgeous that I would consider wearing it on a big night, like New Year’s Eve, but Karlie Kloss wears it to jump in a pool. Granted, it’s for a photo shoot, but how can you not wish you were wearing that dress, even if you had to jump into a pool to get the opportunity to do so?

4 Her Birthday Look

Although we never got to see the full outfit she wore when filming her birthday video, the top was so pretty that I won’t complain. I’m sure it was a dress of some sort, and the different colors, although muted, gave off such a happy vibe for such a happy occasion!

5 Her Abstract Jumpsuit

I know that I wasn’t the only person who was disappointed when her “I’m in a Music Video!” YouTube video was, in fact, not a behind the scenes look at the Bad Blood music video. However, I completely forgave her when I saw all of the different looks she rocked when filming the video. I’m sure everyone had a favorite, but mine was this white jumpsuit that she rocked. It was simultaneously simple and sophisticated while looking absolutely stunning on her!

6 Her Casual Q&a Outfit

Because we usually see Karlie Kloss when she’s working (i.e. modeling in gorgeous designer clothes), it’s not every day that we see her in casual clothes. That just makes it an even greater treat when she’s filming a casual Q&A YouTube video, and this video is no exception! Her striped top was so simple and yet I found myself searching where she got it from after watching because it was so pretty!

7 Her Gown from the British Fashion Awards

If anyone knows how to rock a ball gown, it’s definitely Karlie Kloss, and this gown was no exception. The night before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she attended the British Fashion Awards and documented it for all of her loyal subscribers to watch and be jealous of!

What are your favorite looks from Karlie Kloss’s YouTube channel? What are you looking forward to seeing on her channel? Let me know in the comments!

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