3. Thinking a Change of Style is Pricy

Making a change doesn’t have to mean getting a new wardrobe and if this is what has been stopping you from following your heart, you really need to learn how to let this fashion faux pas go. Building personal style is a process so, yes, it should happen slowly. Go go through your closet and pick out universal items such as jeans, tees, shirts and sweaters. These will be the base of your look, which means that you should keep them in mind every time you’re clothes shopping.

Purchase a pair of chunky-heeled boots and your jeans and sweater ensembles will go from totally casual to casually chic. Opt for a knitted dress and a trendy blazer the next time and you won’t only get to wear them together but update a previous outfit as well. Belt a dress and wear it as a tunic with jeans or use your new blazer to put together a hip outfit combining jeans and tees you had from the beginning. You choice of outfits will be limited for the time being but that will change very quickly. And mind you – you will no longer be purchasing items simply because they match everything in your closet but be a wise shopper and a creative dresser as well!

Wrong Undergarments
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