18 Must Have Pieces for Fall 2012 ...

Must-have fashion fall 2012 pieces: from athletic looks to more polished styling, there’s something to suit everyone this season. As much as the designer runways dictate the must-have fall fashion 2012 trends, I really like seeing how these looks translate on the street. Incorporating one or two trend pieces into your look can easily be just as or even more stylish than head-to-toe trend based looks. Get inspired for your new season wardrobe with the following must-have fashion for fall 2012.

1. Statement Shirt

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One of the must-have fashion fall 2012 pieces will be the statement shirt. Scarf print, floral, and paisley patterns are all top choices if you’re keen on adding some statement charm to your look. Alternatively, choose a shirt in a bold colour to get your fall wardrobe started.

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