9 of Katy Perry's Best Looks That Will Make You Swoon ...

Whether you consider yourself a bonafide Katycat or a lover of fashion, some of Katy Perry's best looks have caused many heads to turn. Katy Perry is known for her eclectic taste in clothing, both on stage and in her everyday life. I love the message that Katy's wardrobe sends out: You should always be proud of your interests, regardless of whether they are conventional and fit in with current trends. Because of the amount of confidence she emits on a daily basis, the outfits where it is clear that she is determined to be herself and stand out from the crowd are a part of Katy Perry's best looks.

1. New York City Outing

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One of my favorite trends to look out for has been the pairing of floral patterns with leather and lace, making this one of Katy Perry's best looks. I am in love with the silhouette of this fabulous and daring dress (part of the Versace Spring 2013 collection).

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