Runway Trends That You Can Actually Wear in Real Life ...

Runway trends are so intimidating. We all want to wear them, but they seem so far removed from us that it can be tough to wrap our minds around actually pulling off the trends sometimes. If you love runway trends but are scared of wearing them, I have the answers for you. This list is full of runway trends that can easily be translated to off the runway and on the streets! It may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, wearing these runway trends will feel like second nature and you’ll be ready to grace the world with your gorgeous style everywhere you go!

1. Off-the-Shoulder

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Off-the-shoulder clothes are often seen as a dramatic trend that can’t be carried over into the real world. That’s so wrong, though! Sure, it’s a dramatic look, but it’s dramatic enough to be a statement without being too much. No matter how you wear it, the off-the-shoulder look is something you need to wear this year!

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