7 Sexy Eyewear Trends for 2015 ...

Are you a glasses girl? The days are long gone when glasses were seen as unsexy, and women would rather bump into things than out on their specs. Nowadays, glasses are considered to be a sign of intelligence - and many men find smart women very attractive. In fact, spectacles are so trendy that some people will even wear empty frames to get in on the look! So whatever your sight issue, try these sexy eyewear trends for 2015 …

1. Color

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The 'in' color for 2015 glasses is marsala, a rich red-brown shade named after a fortified wine. Try these Vera Wang 'Zipporah' glasses in 'Wine' kenmark.kenmarkoptical.com. They're a lovely rich shade that should suit a variety of skin tones, and the thick frames are perfect if you're after a studious look.

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