7 Sexy Sarongs for Summer You've Got to Have ...

Summer’s almost here, so close I can feel the warmth already. So while the rest of the world is scrambling for the cutest of the left-over swimsuits and cover-ups in a month or so, you’ll already be prepared, because you’ve already found your bikinis and sarongs for summer… haven’t you? If not, keep reading! Here are my picks for 7 sexy sarongs for summer you’ve got to have. Let’s go!

1. Halogen® Pareo

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Price: $38.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
This one-size-fits-all sarong is a modest knee-length, and can be worn so many ways! I love the cool graphic print, which reminds me a little of zebra stripes. It would look gorgeous with a bold red bikini, or a basic black one-piece.

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