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Speedy Survey please My Grade Depends on It?

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Hello, for my AP Govt/Econ. class, we are learning about polls, so as an assignment, we each have to distribute surveys. I thought it would be cool to do an online survey, so it would be awesome if you guys could fill this out for me...I need 40 surveys completed by tomorrow, so please, please help me out! Thanks in advance to whoever takes my survey! The Correlation Between TV Watching and English Grades 1. How often do you watch tv? -never -1-3 hours a week -5-7 hours a week -10+ hours a week 2. What genre of tv do you enjoy most? -reality -sitcoms -dramas -talk shows -educational -dramadies (comedy dramas) 3. Ho old were you when you stopped watching kid-friendly shows, and moved on to more mature shows? -I still watch kids shows -(10-12) -(13-15) -(16+) 4. What grade did you get in English last semester (or the last time you took an Eng. class)? -F -D -C -B -A 5. Have you ever taken an AP English class? -yes, one - yes, more than one -no way! 6. How well did you do on the Critical Reading section of the SAT? -I didn't take it -400-500 -501-600 -601-700 -701-800 7. Is English one of your favorite subjects? -yes -no 8. What is your favorite show and/or channel? 9. How old are you? -13-15 -16-17 -18+ 10. Would you consider yourself a good writer? -yes -eh, I'm decent -no way! Thank you for taking the time to do this, you're amazing!! :D

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