7 Spring Dresses for plus Sized Ladies ...

I’m sick and tired of spring dresses for plus sized ladies being shapeless and drab looking. I’ve never understood why plus size clothing isn’t just a bigger version of average sized clothing. Why can’t they make the same clothes with more material? Instead most of the clothes are incredibly gaudy or so dull I wouldn’t want to put it on. These spring dresses for plus sized ladies happen to be just as gorgeous as you are and will make you feel fantastic!

1. Day Dress with Triple Tiered Chiffon and Lace Skirt

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While I tend to stay away from belted dresses because I feel like they accentuate the wrong parts of my body, this is one of the spring dresses for plus sized ladies that I just had to put on my list. The soft feminine lace and chiffon of the tiers in this dress are so gorgeous that I had no choice but to fall in love with this dress the moment I laid eyes on it! Find it at DebShops.com in sizes 1X-3X for prices ranging between $31.60-$39.50.

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