7 Striking Beanies for Fall 2013 That You've Got to Own ...

Because of their versatile nature and comfort factor, these spectacular beanies for fall have become fan favorites amongst fashionistas everywhere. The greatest aspect of chic beanie hats is that they are a great way to transition from fall to the chilly winter season. Hats are certainly a staple part of my closet as they are accessible and easy to style. These striking beanies for fall will be sure to catapult your status as a trendsetter.

1. Forever 21 – Sweet Polka Dot Beanie

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Forever 21 has one of the most diverse selections when it comes to beanies for fall. As polka dots have steadily become a monster hit this season, I feel that there is no better way to combine these trends. Can you believe that this fabulous beanie is only $8.80? I just love how inexpensive Forever 21 is!

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