7 Stylish Appliquéd Clothes to Wear with Your Everyday Outfits ...

Appliquéd clothes might seem like a high fashion trend but there are plenty of ways to incorporate these amped up embellishments into your everyday outfits this spring. While designers might embrace over the top appliqué details, making this trend work in your wardrobe is all about choosing versatile wardrobe pieces. Floral and lace appliqués are the most popular take on this embellished trend, and are perfect for wearing this season. Take a look at these appliquéd clothes you can wear with your everyday outfits.

1. Topshop Appliqué Satin Tee

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When choosing appliquéd clothes to incorporate into your everyday wardrobes choose those with subtler embellishments. This short sleeved satin tee from Topshop comes in a neutral colour and features cut out and appliqué details. It’ll add some daring detail to your everyday look, but is still completely wearable. Team it with cuffed skinny jeans and sandals for an effortlessly on-trend daytime look.

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