The 7 Best Jeans for Your Wardrobe in 2017 ...

By Sheila

The 7 Best  Jeans  for Your Wardrobe  in 2017 ...

In the fickle world of fashion, jeans have stood the test of time and trends. Can you imagine life without your trusty pair of jeans? Neither can we. And while a classic straight fit will never go out of style, 2017 will see some rather unique denim trends that we can't wait to try.

Table of contents:

  1. raw hem jeans
  2. step hem jeans
  3. split hem jeans
  4. two toned jeans
  5. denim joggers
  6. flared cropped jeans
  7. white jeans

1 Raw Hem Jeans

clothing, footwear, tights, shoe, fashion,@emmahill

Distressed hem jeans are all over Instagram right now and we can see why. Wear yours with a classic black pea coat and maroon boots.
jeans, denim, clothing, trousers, pocket,
Price: $126.60
clothing, overcoat, coat, outerwear, wool,

Price: $349.50
footwear, leather, boot, suede, textile,

Price: $59.90

2 Step Hem Jeans

clothing, blue, human positions, spring, statue,@frankvinyl

Step hem jeans are so much fun! Pair yours with an off-shoulder billowy top and high heels.
jeans, denim, clothing, trousers, pocket,

Price: $239.00
Yves Saint Laurent, fashion accessory, wallet, shoulder bag, leather,

Price: $2372
white, clothing, sleeve, t shirt, blouse,

Price: $59.00
footwear, leather, maroon, shoe, flip flops,

Price: $134.95

3 Split Hem Jeans

clothing, blue, outerwear, footwear, textile,@lornaluxe

I remember owning something like this in the early 2000s and I can't believe they're back! A slinky top goes best with this silhouette.
jeans, denim, clothing, pocket, trousers,

Price: $225.00
clothing, sleeve, t shirt, blouse, sleeveless shirt,

Price: $195.00
clothing, outerwear, jacket, sleeve, sweater,

Price: $2338

4 Two Toned Jeans

white, clothing, footwear, leather, spring,@wethepeoplestyle

Why restrict yourself to one wash when you can have two? Two toned jeans are in vogue and they look fabulous with a backless top and some easy to wear slip-ons.
jeans, denim, clothing, blue, pocket,

Price: $260.00
clothing, outerwear, sleeve, active undergarment, abdomen,

Price: $388
footwear, shoe, flip flops, leather, slipper,

Price: $119.95

5 Denim Joggers

clothing, jeans, denim, footwear, fashion, Joggers are such a blessing! Use their versatility to your advantage and dress them up or down. The best part is just how freaking comfortable they are.
denim, jeans, clothing, blue, pocket,

Price: $49.00
white, clothing, t shirt, sleeve, product,

Price: $1464
footwear, boot, leather, snow boot, shoe,

Price: $149.95

6 Flared Cropped Jeans

clothing, blue, denim, footwear, jeans,@dallastyle

I must confess, when I first saw the flared cropped jeans, I wasn't a fan. It has however grown on me slowly but surely. They're great for showing off your shoes so put on a fierce pair of high heels and get ready to make heads turn.
jeans, denim, clothing, pocket, trousers,

Price: $79.00
denim, jeans, clothing, leather, jacket,

Price: $69.00
footwear, brown, leather, leg, shoe,

Price: $129.95

7 White Jeans

color, white, photograph, blue, clothing,@lornaluxe

Last but not least, white jeans will remain a huge trend in 2017. It's always nice to see an oldie but goodie on the list, isn't it? Of course, you can style them any way you please but we love this combination of white jeans with an off-shoulder striped top with bell sleeves and white sneakers.
clothing, jeans, trousers, active pants, pocket,

Price: $284.00
white, t shirt, clothing, sleeve, pocket,

Price: $49.00
footwear, shoe, sneakers, white, walking shoe,

Price: $79.95

What denim trend are you most excited about?

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