The Evolution of Fashion - Types of Swimsuits to Steal from the past ...

Everything comes back into fashion eventually, so things that you wear now (and wonder later why you wore them) will be a 'retro' look for the next generation. One piece of clothing that we don't borrow from the past so much is swimwear. So if you'd like to bring a retro look to the beach this summer, steal your swimwear style from the past …

1. Bikini with Full Bottoms

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If your stomach isn't the favorite part of your body, you might think that you have to avoid bikinis like the plague. But you can still wear a two-piece - yes, really! Conceal a less than perfect belly with a bikini that has full bottoms, like this retro beauty. The ruching on the front is another smart tactic for hiding parts that you don't want to show off.

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