7 Tips for Choosing an Amazing Swimsuit for Your Body Type ...

If you’re anything like me, swimsuit shopping is like a nightmare come true. I can never find one that want to be seen in. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that there are some easy tips to finding the right swimsuit for your body type. Once you understand what makes you look hot in your bathing suit, you can find the right one. Get ready for long days at the beach without worrying about a cover up with these awesome tips for choosing a rocking swimsuit.

1. Look for Thick Straps and Underwire if You Have a Big Bustline

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Your curves up top can make you look stunning in a swimsuit. The trick is finding the right amount of support to hold the girls up. You want to avoid skinny straps and any kind of padding. Instead, look for halter styles or thick shoulder straps. This will hold your breasts in place so they aren’t all over the place while you lounge on the beach or swim in the pool.

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