8 Ways to Wear Sequins during the Day ...

Sophia Drew

8 Ways to Wear Sequins during the Day ...

There are plenty of ways to wear sequins during the day without looking too over the top. While you might usually keep your shiny sequin numbers for the evening, be a bit daring and take them out during the day. The key is to balance out the bling of the sequins with the rest of your outfit. Check out the following few ways to wear sequins during the day.

1 Make It Matte

The type of sequin that you choose can make all the difference. When looking at ways to wear sequins during the day, try and choose ones that have more of a matte finish. Less reflective sequins will seem less glitzy and much more wearable for during the day. It’s all about less shimmer and more chic.

2 Team It with Denim

An instant way to dress down sequins and make them more daytime appropriate is to team them with denim. Wear a sequin top or jacket with denim jeans, sequin pants with a denim shirt, or throw on a denim jacket over a slinky sequin dress. Complete the look with casual looking accessories for a street-smart daytime look.

3 Keep Sequins Sparse

Full sequined tops and blazers can seem fairly over the top for daytime wear. For the day, a few sequins can go a long way. Tops with small patches of sequin embellishments are a great option. Also, tops with scattered, sparse sequins are a chic option as they give a hint of shimmer without being too in-your-face.

4 Play with Texture

Balance out the glitz and glamour of your sequins by teaming them with contrasting textures. Try pairing your sequins with cosy knits, crisp denims, or lightweight cottons to make them more daytime appropriate.

5 Make It Slouch

Tight, body-hugging sequined numbers can just be a little bit (okay, a lot) disco. When choosing sequin clothing to wear during the day, try clothes that have a more relaxed fit. Think of things like slouchy sequin blazers, loose-fitting pants, and relaxed tops.

6 Lower Those Heels

If you’re trying to make your sequin clothes look more casual, it’s probably best not to pair them with high heels. The combination of sequins and heels can definitely make you look like you’re ready to hit the club. And that’s probably not what you want during the middle of the day. Instead, when you’re wearing sequins during the day, stick to shoes with low heels.

7 Layer up

A standalone piece of sequin clothing can really draw a lot of attention. Play down statement making sequins by layering your look. It’s all about making your sequin pieces more ‘peek-a-boo’ and less ‘look at me.’ For example, you could layer a sequin top underneath an open chambray shirt and cropped leather jacket, with a lightweight scarf thrown over the top for a cool off-duty look.

8 Stick to Accessories

If you’re still not comfortable wearing sequin clothing during the day, stick to accessories. Something like a sequined headband, small sequined side bag, or sequined shoes are all stylish ways to spruce up your daytime look. Sparkly, sequined shoes are especially in fashion right now.

Sequin clothing isn’t just for those crazy nights out on the town. If there’s a time to experiment with sequins during the day, now is it! How would you wear sequins during the day?