The Worst Fashion Trends of 2014 ...

What would you say the worst fashion trends of 2014 were? Bucket hats? Dungarees? We all know that fashion is circular, and this year we saw a lot of '90s inspired clothing, mixed in with some fresher looks. But the worst trend? Well, there were certainly a lot of competitors. Here’s a look back at the worst fashion trends of 2014 – let’s hope these don’t come round again!

1. Bucket Hats

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This was undeniably one of the worst fashion trends of 2014, and, well, ever. Not only do they look very strange, regardless of color or pattern or style, but they don’t suit anyone. Not even the amazingly beautiful can pull off a bucket hat without it looking a little weird. Bucket hats definitely shouldn’t have come back into fashion – this shouldn’t be allowed to happen again!

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